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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979


Q: When and where is the Festival?

A: Saturday May 5 to Sunday May 12 inclusive. The Festival will be based on the University of Canterbury and [unclear: Christ] church Teachers College Campuses, [unclear: bqH] will make extensive use of venues [unclear: around] the city.

How much does it cost?

The all inclusive registration price for [unclear: stu] dents is $15, for non-students $20; this is for admission to all events. Public and students can attend single events without registration but this will be restricted.

Who is running the Festival?

The New Zealand Students' Arts Council, is holding the Festival as part of its programme for 1979. The Festival itself a being organised by a separate organising committee based in Christchurch.

Where do I stay if I go?

Billets will be arranged through Canterbur students.

How can I get involved?

Work out which area you wish to [unclear: participation] ate in and either write to us: c/- UCSA, Private Bag, Ilam Christchurch, or [unclear: contact] Patrick O'Dea (VUWSA campus organiser for the Arts' Festival) or Michael Carr-Greg (VUWSA Cultural Affairs Officer) and discuss things with them.

[unclear: from] can I get money to finance my performance/project?

Money can be made available for funding projects but you must work out a definite proposal as soon as possible, including a budget, and forward it to us direct, or via either Patrick O'Dea or Michael Carr-Gre.

How can I help?

Let us know in what area you wish to help eg. technical, publicity, box office, [unclear: social] etc, and write to us letting us know when you are available. You can be certain [unclear: that] we will contact you.

Alternatively if you wish to help on [unclear: campus] level, contact either Patrick or Michael.

What is planned?

The Festival aims to bring together in Christchurch participants in all areas of the arts in an eight day extravaganza of cultural and social exchange. The [unclear: Festii] will involve public arts groups and [unclear: indivi] as well as campus based performers as a festival of our type provides the only [unclear: op] ortunity for exchange of this type in [unclear: Ne] Zealand. Everything from modern [unclear: danc] to ballet, opera to rock will be presented. There will be international as well as New Zealand professional arts groups [unclear: represei] ted and taking part.

What facilities and equipment are [unclear: availabel?]

List your requirements and we will endeavour to obtain them.

Do I get a free registration if I help?

No. Everyone including the Director an Manager and the Area Controllers must register (it is impossible to determine how much work entitles one to free [unclear: registration)]