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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Lerter from South East Asia

[unclear: Lerter] from South East Asia

[unclear: Letter],

It sometime since I wrote you last, so I [unclear: I'd] just drop in a line to say Hi and to you and your readers about how things [unclear: lis] part of the liberated world.

[unclear: he] moment I'm touring South-Western [unclear: i] (formerly known as Kampuchea). In [unclear: r] writing this letter from Pnom-Penh. [unclear: ny] first visit here since this region was [unclear: d] and unified with the patriotic father-Comrade Heng Samrin and compatriots.

[unclear: nr] I end this letter, here is a word of [unclear: g] to the Chinese left-imperialistic [unclear: aggorces] led by Cowboy Deng Xiaoping, [unclear: ritinuc] to occupy parts of the sacred [unclear: y] of Vietnam: we waged a successful war [unclear: inst] the Colonialist French for a [unclear: cen-nother], even more successful and pun-[unclear: r] against the imperialist yanky [unclear: aggressive] 30 years and it is only a matter of time you, the Mao-suited chinks will have [unclear: m] to be sorry. Cowboy Deng Xiaoping, [unclear: 1] be punished!

Yours in comradeship,

Pham van Dong

[unclear: we] are planning to set up a service to tran-[unclear: lient] into Vietnamese. At the moment [unclear: cstary] staff are getting trained.