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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Right to Life

Right to Life

Dear Ed,

In the Salient of April 9 an anonymous [unclear: i] writer challenged Salient editorial staff to [unclear: in] a "Right to Life" supporter to present that [unclear: ticular] view to balance the rather lengthy [unclear: pr] abortion argument of Lamorna Rogers print in the Salient of 29 March.

What follows is an outline of why "Right Life" supporters believe their view is worth a ting:-

A major subtlety used by pro-abortionists what could be described as the "de-[unclear: humanism] of the unborn child. It is much easier to [unclear: disp] of a "hunk of undeveloped flesh" than to [unclear: ran] an unborn child. You may feel that to [unclear: dfieri] abortion as murder is a little emotive. Have [unclear: y] ever listened to the feature on the "Seals and Crofts" album "Unborn Child"? It beckons [unclear: t] mother to consider her actions before [unclear: abortin] This is a message to all prospective mothers [unclear: A] where. The point "Seals and Crofts" made [unclear: w], that the unborn child is a Human Life: [unclear: wk]

Take in these facts......

1.At fertilisation, when the 23 sperm [unclear: chros] somes join the 23 ovum chromosomes, a new being is created who is unique in structure. [unclear: new] ver before and never again will such a [unclear: combias] tion be in existence. A maturation process [unclear: con] into motion:
2.The heart beat begins the eighteenth and twenty-fifth day.
3.After eight weeks the brain is completely [unclear: p] sent. Electrical brain waves have been [unclear: record] as early as forty days.
4.At nine to ten weeks the child swallows [unclear: and] moves its tongue.
5.By eleven to twelve weeks the child is [unclear: sin] its thumb vigorously.
6.By six and half weeks all twenty milk-[unclear: tee] buds are present.

These overwhelming facts are prima facie [unclear: en] dence of the humanity of tile unborn child. [unclear: But fore] any woman undergoes an abortion it is [unclear: I] portant she realises she is partaking in the [unclear: extion] of such a human life. "Right to Life" [unclear: si] porters primarily believe abortion is a wrong [unclear: be] cause they regard unborn human life to be [unclear: w] protecting. In the words of Albert [unclear: Schweitzi] "If a man loses reverence for any part of life, [unclear: he] will lose his reverence for all of life."

There are many subsidiary issues one might cover in such an outline of "pro-life" views [unclear: h] ever sufficient has been written to outline [unclear: the] sis of such a conviction.

A pro-life supporter