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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Middle East

page 19

Middle East

are some paints in Don Canons article [unclear: middle] East Treaty" Salient 9th April which [unclear: d] of serious investigation. To suggest 'Zionists hijacked an entire country" is [unclear: narration]. (1) Israel has been seen over [unclear: 000] years as home of the Jewish people [unclear: li] being their nationalism which articulates [unclear: -am] of escaping from a minority status (in [unclear: V] have lived for 2,000 years) to return to [unclear: e] of land which they saw as their homeland [unclear: hipek]. (2) Present day Israel was not an [unclear: in] try but only a part of the British mandate.

as saying that they "threw most of its, [unclear: it] the door" that is an outright lie.

[unclear: situation] in 1948 which resulted in the [unclear: f] Arabs from Israel was very complex.

[unclear: an] accepted fact that many Arabs were [unclear: nto] leaving by the surrounding Arab coun-[unclear: tally] the Arab High Command which sug-[unclear: at] Palestine would be set free from the Zio-[unclear: ictorious] Arab armies - in order to easily [unclear: h] this the Arabs should leave and could [unclear: ortly] - after the victory - any Arabs who would be regarded as traitors. War was by the Arabs on Israel on the announce-independence in 1948.

[unclear: e] is in fact evidence which shows that the [unclear: iraeli] policy was appealing to the Arabs to

[unclear: interesting] that in the rhetoric of this [unclear: de-] conveniently forgotten that many of the [unclear: mines] confiscated Jews property and ex-[unclear: c] Jewish residents (in fact ¾ of Israel's [unclear: apulauon] today are of Middle Eastern [unclear: a] case in point is a 2500 year old 50,000 [unclear: mimtr] Jewish community who were ex-1949 and airlifted to Israel in 1950.

[unclear: uggests] that Israel is an illegitimate state, [unclear: ould] mean you are suggesting that the 1947[unclear: larauon] establishing Israel is illegitimate. As accepted and legitimate body it is only a mi-[unclear: union] which sees its declaration as being [unclear: ille-]

[unclear: stics] in the article state that there are 4 Palestinians - where does this come I know that in 1948 there were 400,000 Palestinians accepted as bona fide refu-[unclear: n] with a high birth rate your figure is ex-[unclear: ligh] and to say "most were exiled" - Don aren't you getting a little carried

[unclear: s] this about "the Zionist ambition being [unclear: ed] but only changedin the nature of its tac[unclear: onists] have always wanted to live in peace [unclear: nony] with their neighbours and fellow inhab [unclear: his] has been an explicit aim since the first [unclear: fit] of Palestine by the Xionists and is a hop [unclear: ly] stated in its declaration of independence, [unclear: s] always been the ambition of Peace! Re-[unclear: it] was always Israel who was attacked by countries in all the Middle East wars other way round.

you will have to be careful about state— [unclear: of] what the Israelis will and will not tole-your comment that Israelis will not even a Palestinian homeland in any shape) - [unclear: would] not like to be identified as having the [unclear: ws] as Muldoon so don't do the same with [unclear: lis]. Israel is a democratic country with a [unclear: gr] of ideas about what the status of the [unclear: axis] should be.

have more confidence about the unity the other Arab bodies than do I - so far, has shown their unity to be very super— [unclear: d] temporary.

[unclear: sonally] salute the signing of the Peace [unclear: as] a positive beginning to constructively a real peace for the future.


La Heymann

(Pres. Jewish Students Society)