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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Dear Sir,

I would like to comment on some of the [unclear: bass] misconceptions in Don Carsons article on [unclear: Egy tsan] - Israeli Peace Treaty (VoL 47 No 7)

(1)"The well armed and prepared army of [unclear: the] Jewish state of Israel' he refers to consisted of [unclear: u] one hundred thousand untrained men so well [unclear: all] thay had 2 cannons and 1 aircraft with no [unclear: bom]
(2)He says 'the Zionists hijacked an entire [unclear: country] and threw most its people out the door'. [unclear: It] was in fact their fellow Arabs that told the [unclear: Pakfl] tinians to leave so they could return home soon after with the victorious Arab armies. Of course it didn't occur to them that they may not be [unclear: vfl] torious and thay they would have a large number of 'brothers' without a home, or maybe it did. After all the poor Palestinian refugee is a great political weapon for the Arabs.
(3)He says that the Peace Treaty shows 'that Zionist ambition is not dead but only changed the nature of its tactics'. He is right about the fact that Zionist ambition has not changed - that is to have a Jewish state in Israel and to live in peace with its Arab neighbours. As far as I can see the tactics have not changed, Israel is still trying to bring about peace by negotiation and not by more fighting.
(4)If 'The PLO formula had been to create a democratic, secular and unitary Palestine to enable the Palestinain Arabs and Israeli Jews to co exist in one national area', I ask, what do they plan to do with the Jews that they believe have no right to live in Isreal?

(Jews that did not live in Israel prior to 1948 numbering about 2,500,000). What kind of [unclear: del] cracv would they have? The kind that exists in Lybia, Syria, Iraq, or maybe Iran. Yasser [unclear: Arabfl] will get elected unopposed (or else) and then [unclear: dfl][unclear: mocratically] decide to execute all the enemies of the people.

Finally I would like to express a hope that the leaders of other Arab Nations will join Sadat and Begin so that wars in the Middle East will be a [unclear: teir] of the past.

Yours sincerely,

E. Harmor.