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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Cafe Gripes

Cafe Gripes

Dear Sir,

I wish to complain about the standard of and drink in the cafe facilities. Briefly they [unclear: are] disaster.......What does the Catering Manager [unclear: or] the Union staff think they are playing at??? [unclear: I viously] the whole outfit is badly managed if [unclear: It] at a loss. One dollar 25c out of our fees I [unclear: naj] goes towards paying off past losses as a result [unclear: of] past incompetence. At an SRC I heard that [unclear: kl] year the catering only made a profit of about [unclear: 2] thousand dollars - pretty pathetic isn't it It's [unclear: of] vious that going by today's costs and inflation [unclear: en] that the cafe is going to run at a loss again this [unclear: year] What's being done about it? The prices [unclear: contafl] to rise and students continue to receive a basic very poor catering service. I don't think the [unclear: al] grounds can have been changed for ages for [unclear: inst]

At the Restoration Cafe in the Gym I can [unclear: m] a bloody nice cup of coffee in a real cup for [unclear: ol] 30c as opposed to a watery one in the Union [unclear: and] I know which one I prefer.

When you go to the Union to the cafe, the place smells and is obviously dirty. The staff [unclear: til] serve are not exactly inspiring either. Instead [unclear: of] talking about all this political shit at SRC's [unclear: which] is so very boring why can't students discuss [unclear: the] shitty conditions in the cafe, come to think of [unclear: ll] why doesn't Salient spearhead a campaign to get better cafe services? I suppose being political [unclear: SI] more interesting to the fascist left wing clique [unclear: which] run Salient and who are naive enough to think [unclear: tb] students are taken in by all the Maoist crap in [unclear: salient;]

And what do I get for my 43 dollars anyway? ..... — a load of old rubbish in Salient and at SRC which don't interest me or the vast majority of [unclear: ll] dents anyway. I am pissed off.....got the [unclear: rneall] try and threw most its psople out the door', It

Ripped off student