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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979


[unclear: jective] of any "safety" effort on cam-[unclear: rovide] a risk-free environment where [unclear: nd] staff may work and relax without [unclear: ng] themselves.

[unclear: it] is not an object handed on a plate — everyone on campus is "involved" in should be an awareness that working populated area requires precaution on

[unclear: niversity] has a Safety Committee which [unclear: ry] two months. The Secretary of this [unclear: e] is Hugh Lambie. There are three [unclear: litteess:] one which has a special in-[unclear: lisabled] students, a laboratory safety [unclear: e] and an environmental safety sub-comm-[unclear: h] of these meets four or five times [unclear: e] year [unclear: am] average.

[unclear: welcome] comment, suggestions and crit-[unclear: lete] should be directed to the Safety [unclear: high] Lambie, at the Department's Off-


entering a classroom or lab look around [unclear: nergency] exit and fire-alarms.

[unclear: don't] fully understand materials you [unclear: ng] with, or the apparatus you've been [unclear: use] enquire from an instructor.

[unclear: lectric] points dry, and away from in-[unclear: e] materials.

smoke, eat, drink or throw things labs.

off gas, water and electricity.

[unclear: on] protective clothing or glasses when

[unclear: work] alone in a lab or workshop after [unclear: ours].

is an organised rescue scheme ready [unclear: to] in case of a major disaster — but don't [unclear: entirely].

Is your training slipping? Is your slipping showing? Eight weeks of term have gone and some of you who religiously embarked on training programmes at the beginning of the term, will now, no doubt, be wondering what happened to your resolve. Well, take heart; it isn't unusual and we don't mind too much. In fact, it would help us a lot if you could come and tell us why your resolve slipped. We can then perhaps help you to re-start. Remember, with exams arriving mid-year, your physical well-being is important and as we have so often said: If you do just the physiological minimum of activity; three twenty-minute sessions per week, then you can only benefit.

Have you tried learning badminton? Some have and have progressed to the social badminton programme on Tuesdays 12 - 2pm. So, for beginners, and we have also spotted a few begin-againers, be in, on Tuesday 10 - 11 am and Friday 10 - 11 and 11 - 12.

News of the long room.....As you are probably aware, we have had big problems with the nets in the long room. Well, we are now close to a new tracking system, which is both, we hope, idiot-proof and student-proof (flattery will get you everywhere). However, please don't try to pull the nets back yet. In particular, people who are itching to use the new basketball backboards down there. You can use them as soon as the tracking system is working.

Beginners suqash lessons for this term will soon be coming to an end, so get your name down for Term II.

Monday 2-4pm (on the half hour)

Thursady 2-3pm (on the half hour)

Ask at the Recreation Centre Reception.

The Sauna - $1 per hour, p'hot, phew! Come and try it when you're feeling wound up or in need of a quick relaxation session.

And more relaxation: Yoga Tuesday 1-2 and Thursday 1-2.