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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Second Student

Second Student

The poor screwed up lecturer that introduced Psyc 101 was a fine example of a screwed up lecturer. His case was a bad one. You can tell the type by the way they dress - in black suits, how they speak - negatively, what they say - rubbish, and how they hold attention - they don't. Anyone who sat through this first lecture can vouch for the actual content of the rubbish.

He informed us:
I)A large proportion of us were going to fail.
II)He could see from where he was standing (approx. 2-15 metres) the idiots "the ones who, through lack on enthusiam or general intelligence were going to fail.
III)Students with average or below B bursa—rics were in this category and were doomed for failure.

It was not a pleasant or encouraging introduction. In one hour this guy stripped bare any hopes of success in the subject, and any desire to learn that was floating around, died. His attitude was uninspiring, negative and totally in acceptable in an institution of higher learning.

My question is, how do maladjusted individuals get to lecture 'normal' students? Surely they are some people of his own species who could chanel his talent somewhere else, where it would be appreciated. Would anybody with any practical sugestion please inform him.

And is there a clause of students rights protecting the emotional well being of first year student? as they are particularly vunerable and are: often inexperienced with such severe cases.