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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Volume 40, No. 16. July 11 1977

Women's Rights — What Women's Rights?

Women's Rights — What Women's Rights?

Dear David

At last a real man speaks up on what la so obvious.

It is most refreshing to read something in Salient so close to a man's heart instead of thet rubbish one normally associates with Student Papers, I am refering of course to the letter in the June 5 issue of Salient from the President of VUW Mens Liberation Group.

Man has been the Dominant species for centuries and women have never had the freedom of choice so I see no reason why it should start now! I can only reiterate his statements concerning women and as for now the question of abortion should be solved I suggest an alternative: have a National Referendum on abortion, the only ones taking part being men. Once and for all this would decide the question. One last word, why has the VUW Mens Liberation Group been so slow in coming forward? I suggest that 20% of student funds should go to this exception group at once to help prevent the spread of any more subversive ideas that women are equals!


Dear Ed

Referring to letter appearing in June 5 edition of Salient I was wondering whether you could clarify a few points for me.

The letter signed by the VUW Mens Liberation group is one of the very few letters I have read this year that makes some very sound points. I personally am sick to the back teeth of hearing about women's rights and I am glad that at long last some one has stood up for the rights of men.

What I would like to know Sir, is whether such a group as the Mens Loberation Group does exist on campus? and if not, do you feel with the large amount of clubs representing women (eg. WONAAC 8 WCC etc.) it is about time the male students banned together to stick up for their diminishing rights, while we still have them as I feel soon it will be too late.

Yours faithfully