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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Volume 40, No. 16. July 11 1977

Sky diver has ripping wheeze

Sky diver has ripping wheeze

Dear Chap

Just a word to tell you how absolutely spiffing your paper is when it comes to dart making.

Me (sorry). I and my fallow compatriots have found that Salient is absolutely wizard for breaking up the boredom from many lectures.

The sight of a few beautifully shaped aerofoils gliding majestically across a lecture theatre soon has everyone wide awake and poised with baited breath for any more that may follow.

Sure enough, it is not long before more people join in, and the air is soon ablate with swooping, diving aircraft.

So, Dave old boy, do not feel downhearted if some commie says your paper is rubbish, buck up with the sure knowledge that the 'old gang' eagerly await each new issue.

Yours forever;

Wing Commander Nigel (Nancy) Barnaby (Mrs) DSO, OBE, BSc (tailed).

PS. For those methematically minded it has been proven that: The boringness of the lecturer is directly proportional to the density of darts in the air space overhead.

PPS. I think that Roger Ramjet is just super! Must dash, tat-tar.


Dear Dave,

It was with much interest that I discovered that in reality you are a completely ficticious person.......(ie dont really exist at all). Is this scurrillious reactionary lie true?. My brother who has a very good Law Degree says that he has never heard of you or anybody who appears on the Salient Staff notes. Please can you answer me.

Love etc.


[Ed comments.....it appears that your brother is nothing more than a silly bloody law pooh who has nothing better to do with his time than sit in the cafe and fiddle with his Jag jean jacket. People like him are going to be the first to adorn the barricades and the overturned [unclear: Seat un] buses.]

Dear David Editorperson,

If ever there has been a more burning question then I will eat my floppy hat. Can you please tell us what the word 'Trot' means?

Yours etc,

Confused greatly.

Dear Confused Greatly,

We decided that your letter was bone fide and not among the hundreds that we get from the YS seeking a bit of enlightenment every week. We suggest you read a bit of the Essential Stalin or go the whole bit and peruse the walls of the downstairs loos....next to the telephone numbers. All shall be revealed to you. By the way when you do find out there are a few people that would be much appreaciative of enlightenment. You know who we mean, but of course we can't be vindictive, can we?;