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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Volume 40, No. 16. July 11 1977

A Letter from Our Norwegian Correspondent

A Letter from Our Norwegian Correspondent

Dear Editor

Well its night time here in the North Sea, the day, for what it has been worth, has ended and I'm pissed off because the video film I have already seen and the movie: — Major Dundees Revenge; a load of Cowboy crappola about Apache bunting in the middle of the American Civil War on the Texan Border is just a pain in the butt, still all the good ol' boys from orange Texas will probably get off on it, so all is not that bad, then again they wouldn't know shit from shinola!

So here i am sitting in my room with Little Feat's 'Time Loves a Hero' playing on my fartbox of a tape recorder and suffering from a healthy dose of the flu. One is not far off the track when he guesses that is a good enough reason to write a lot of spiel to the old University mag.

It has just come to my attention that our learned I'M in all his learned wisdom has seen fit to declare that President Carter is just a Peanut Farmer whose completely right sense of diplomatic openess is worrying his allies! We'll what the hell do we expect from a semi-illiterate Chartered Accountant, (very dull job that! I urge you all to join the league to fight Chartered Accountancy!! Dull, dull, dull!) God knows, I search in vain, for a reason for Piggy's outburst but it beats me; need it be said that Carter is a man of vision who not only has a duty but a right to speak up for the world's oppressed as leader of the world's most powerful democracy It only needs to be said that Carters words forced Gromiko to say more in eight minutes about Russian Foreign policy than the Russian people have heard in 20 years! Still Muldoon must go along with Russian logic — "don't interfere with our internal affairs, it's OK if we interfere with yours in the name of the Communist International but you can't interfere in ours! "Rob go fry your head — or roll a joint or something — but for gawds sake when you speak — speak about something, speak about something you know! H'mm come to think of it that limits him somewhat doesn't it? Well having got that off my chest I gotta say that I wish you all the best in Mid-Terms and to those of you who haven't got them then I suggest you all go out, and get horribly pissed or something!


London was really a knock-out, but the aura, as well as being magical, was heavy there. One sensed all the time that because they are economically up shits creek without a paddle that the next Facist-ethnic purity convention was just around the corner. The local elections just passed saw a rise in voles and seats for the National Front — whose leader John Kendall has been quoted as saying that 'Mein Kampf' is his Bible. The mad scramble to the right has begun and Tony Parsons says in NME that the only saviour is North Sea Oil and a return to Economic Security. Well I'm doing my bit to stem the Facist tide, let it be known! Unfortunately the whole thing is reflected in the resurgence of London's cult groups; the 'Teds' are on the surge again and the Punks make Kings Road, Chelsea their Saturday domain — they are the biggest bunch of racists I have had the misfortune to come across. Johnny Rotter and the Sex Pistols are the badge carriers of this odious 'New Wave. and their latest album sports such [unclear: noble] titles as 'Anarchy in the UK!' and 'Vacant' which about sums up their mental state of mind!

What really hits it home to you is a visit to the Nashville Rooms or the Greyhound in Fulham, two great Rock Pubs who offer different bands [unclear: eacl] and every night. For the price of a pint one can see real talent and the shocking thing is that they are never going to become known because at the moment Anal Entrance and the Puke Buckets are hogging the limelight! It's a sad commentry on the state of mans direction. The only really good 'news wave' band, and believe me they are worth a listen, is Television; and they hail form New York!


Still there is the Tate gallery with it's magnificent collection of Modern, Rennaissance, and landscapes. London has a myriad of things to see and do — the history and the tourist an still there — and one could never get bored; Chelsea and QPR are playing exhilerating football and the concern and stage shoes are a-plenty But the Political direction sucks!

Still the whole point of this letter was and still is, to tell those well known campus personalities Harding, Seton, and Coogee — Tutz, to get off their collective tushes and write. Be warned! If you don't Dild will sexually molest you with a cucumber! OK? Get moving!

Well I guess that's all.

Love and Kisses,

J. Paul Getfart.

PS. I hope the Lions get thrashed — never have I heard such a cocky bunch!