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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Volume 40, No. 16. July 11 1977

Facing realities

Facing realities.

Ddar Editor,

Oh, Holy Jesus ! So at long last a reply to 'Boiling Red' alias 'Overseas Students Reporter' (?). Before I proceed to put your mind at serene ease for your coming redemption.... let me say that 'Boiling Red' isn't the Overseas Students Reporter nor the one who directed the attack against Christianity.

Since you have lumped all the people together who have attacked people of your kind, then obviously it is possible to lump you as one of MSA's committee members or its leader (?).

Obviously you still haven't found it ripe to offer anything to the students other than waiting for your deliverance (?) Perhaps(?). I believe in Christianity only if it is not mused as a tool for suppressions and oppression of progressive Ideas and thoughts.

Your kind of mentality is like Ah Q finding it hard to face the realities of the world and society and going around and imagining you have won a psychological victory. Naughty, naughty boy, you must learn to face the realities of the world.

Yours etc.

'Boiling Red'

Dear Editor,

The VUW Young Socialist, held a seminar at Victoria on July 2. The seminar, entitled "Maoism and Trotskyism", was an attempt to look in detail at the political reasons that underly the anti-trot hysteria in Salient, and elsewhere among the folowers of Chairman Mao's thought.

The seminar was planned from the first to be an open and fair debate.' But on the day not one supporter of Maoism turned up. Nevertheless, the response was very encouraging. About thirty people attended, and the discussion was generally lovely.

The Young Socialists plan to repeat the topics that were discussed at the seminar, during lunchtimes when it is easier for studets to attend. The next one will be on Thursday July 14 on China Today: the Purge of the 'Gang of Four'; following that will be on July 19 the topic being Maoism and Women's Liberation, and on July 26 we will present Maoism and Democratic Rights.

This letter then is in the nature of a challenge: a challenge to those who support the policies of Maoism. We believe that they should be prepared to debate the issues that are of concern to many students. But the Maoists including David Murray, Lindy Cassidy. Leonie Morris and Bruce Robinson, refused to take part in the seminar. We are presenting them with another another opportunity to present their point of view a view. After all this year they have mounted a steady campaign against the trots particularly in Salient. It is their responsibility to come out and explain openly their reasons for such a campaig. If [unclear: then] do not the Maoists are admitting that the only sort of discussion that they want is one overwhelmingly weighted in their favour.

The Young Socialists would encourage anyone who is interested in this discussion to get in touch with, members of the Young Socialists.

Yours faithfully,

J. Doorey


J. Robb.


Dear Editor,

May I refer to your last issue (no. 15) in which an attack was directed against WMSSA. After being in Wellington for three years I find that this is the first time I have needed to write a letter to Salient. This is particularly necessary because I feel that WMSSA is unjustifiably attacked. Having been disillusioned by all the stale politics a that have gone on for the past two years I have suddenly found a body that is capable and willing to serve the interests of the students. This can be seen by the recent success of the ISC, the many get-togethers, [unclear: pic nics] which they have organised to promote friendship, film shows, games at the gym, and also their Involvement in the cut-back issue.

At least they realised that they must look after our interests and that we are not a group of overseas students to be kicked around like a football ! Without a representative, this will give the present government added confidence to push us around like nobody's business.

As to them being manipulated by VUWSA and NZUSA I guess that there is quite a bit of nastiness in it. Perhaps the writer can offer us conclusive proof? From what I see the writer has misused the space that the Editor of Salient has kindly offered him. I guess that Malaysians shouts not attack each other but work together.

Yours ever,

Pak Long