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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol 40 No. 11. May 23 1977

Health Service criticism

page 16

Health Service criticism.

Dear Mr Editor, Sir,

I witch in every edition of Salient an article on the vanity's health service. I watch, not read since I don't give a fuck about the health service because I feel that it (or they at the Practice) don't give a fuck about me.

The reason for such an exciting statement is due to an incident earlier this year, my first year at varsity. I took crook and went down to see them one night after my last lecture. I explained that I knew they didn't want to see me since I live in Wellington but that my own G.P. was out of town and because of labs, lectures etc. that I couldn't see one of his partners for at least 3 days. In other words it was better seeing any old fucker now as opposed to seeing another fucker in three days time. I was naturally turned down, excuses were: "It's got something to do with poaching patients," "Why not skip a few labs or lectures and see your C.P.'s partner?" And the best yet: "It's got something to do with professional ethics."

Poaching patients? Crap! Those practitioners at the H.S. don't want to over-work themselves. Skip a ½day of lectures or labs? Come on, not with internal assessment end my I. Q. of 38.

Well they like to call the health service the "Aviary" A fitting title. It's where I would expect to find a bunch of Quacks.

Yours with the greatest of interest for condemning replies.

Medical Intermediate Student.