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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol 40 No. 11. May 23 1977

Another boring letter on Exec honoraria

Another boring letter on Exec honoraria.

Sirs and Madams.

Drawing of a plane and the comment 'ZOK'

I am disgusted to hear of your pay rise. Being a student of many summers. I have come to know of the corrupt and underhand methods of getting what you want. Many students refuse to take part in your meetings because of the childish and insulting ways they are held. It is obvious from reports and the minutes of the meetings that many resolutions are passed with a minimum of votes. Anything to do with Student Money should be Voted on by all Students. Your "Type" have been very critical in the past of the repressive laws around the world, and conditions here at home, but you are all too ready to "rip off" the student money along with the rest of the capitalist scum in this society. I find it hard to believe that people of your supposed nature would first give excessive increases to already excessive salaries, then in the next breath suggest (?) or have(?) increased the student union fee to $43.00. However on reflection this is exactly what we have come to expect.

There is also the question of the $10,000 loan to the book shop. Is this true? If it is true then there should be an investigation into the whole business of student money — who is getting it? why? and how much? A Published report is Salient within 2 weeks of this letter is not requested but Demanded? Furthermore I think in future that anyone who wishes to become a member of the Executive should do so without any salary, grant etc. These positions should be free from the influence of easy money which is definitely the case. To argue that the increases are due to inflation and that they could get better money working part-time is ludicrous, a load of bull-shit, and simply a moronic attitude If they want money go and work for it, don't sit on your arse and steal it from the student purse.

T. Elliot.