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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol. 40 Number 4. March 21 1977

[Letter from Katy Corner to Salient Volume 40, Number 4 March 21 1977]

Dear Jeremy Collins (alias Phil Hay),



Despite the fact that you own a smashingly good guitar and Knowyour music inside out and upside down, I believe there must have been either a misunderstanding between 'music lovers" or a psychological clash, somewhere along the line. For, you see, I know my music, too. And, tell me, how many forms does music take? Surely out of any one of these forms is at least one highly commendable and enjoyable sector. Or not? Can anyone honestly write off disco or space/funk jazz or 19th century Romanticism or West Coast rock (to mention only four ants in the entire heap)? I think not.

As you pointed out, rather aptly the reviewer's task is to get beyond personal opinion and taste. His job is, firstly, to let the (interested) reader know the particular prejudices and preferences of the reviewer himself, so that he may judge for himself the record in question, keeping that point strongly in mind. Secondly, the reviewer, the "critic", must justify his statements and impressions with understandable (within the context) remarks concerning the record's production quality, presentation etc... as well as the artist's musicianship—a word which cover: enough territory without further elaboration. He may do this through background information on the subject of the review and/or specific, technical examples. But, most importantly, the good reviewer stands on firm, not shaky, ground in all that is produced for the public eye.

Granted! and with pleasure!—portions of my own past reviews which, for some strange reason, attracted so many delighted comments, have not always held up to the standards stated above (which are only a few of hundreds). Yet, it could only have been a mental clash of some kind between us that induced you to order me off to the Royal Tiger-I am present there on a sufficient number of occasions, my reasons being to attain great musical pleasure and instruction. (And any brand of Camels cause a violently distasteful reaction; nor is joining the Nazi party much of a probability). So...Salient needs me, whether they, you or I know it or not.

Have an enjoyable year in all respects, Mr Collins, and, "Do not let this prevent you from opening your cars to a wider range of musical experiences."


Katy Corner.