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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Association. Volume 40, Number 3. March 14, 1977.

Cafe Debate Part II

Cafe Debate Part II

Dear Editor,

Reading "The Cafe Debate, Part One." has prompted me to air my greivances on the disreputable cafe.

I agreee that the prices are too high, especially considering that most of us students are fairly broke anyway, but my main complaint concerns another aspect of the cafe—the basic neglect of the place, and in particular, the tables and floor.

It's time someone realized that students, despite the many wonderous things they do carry in their bags, do not carry dishcloths—it is more often than not a copy of Salient that is sacrificed to mop up the spilt coffee, stale chips, ciggie butts or whatever other glorious crap people have left floating on the tables.

O.K., it would help if everyone made sure that their own rubbish is guided into the rubbish bags, but spilt coffee and other liquids are pretty difficult to dispose of, and ultimately get left to the next persons discomfort.

So how about the cafe personnel, or someone appearing an awful lot more frequently brandishing a dishcloth to ease the discomfort we're all putting up with, with regards to those messy tables, etc...

Anne Wood

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(Come along to the Cafe forum to be held soon. Anyone wanting a job cleaning the cafe should see Jim Collins the Deputy Managing Secretary—Ed)