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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Association. Volume 40, Number 3. March 14, 1977.

Moan Moan Moan!

Moan Moan Moan!

Dear Sir,

Whether it is just that I am growing old and fussy in my old age I don't know, but should it decide to rain (as it often does) whilst I'm in the Union building and I forget to take a raincoat with me and I wish to remain dry but also go to the library after I've had my 20c cup of coffee in the cafe, there is no way I can get there without exposing myself to the elements at one place or another and getting wet!

How about a covered way ay least around the perimeter of the Quad from Easterfield to the covered canopy of the library? I realize this costs money, but I am led to believe that the library is a permanent landmark on campus, so the money wouldn't be exactly 'thrown down the drain". When I do remember my raincoat I'm sure most people will agree it's a real hassle to get kitted up for the weather for such a short distance should you still have that wish to remain dry. So what are the chances of getting one?

Secondly, on a point totally unrelated to the above, but what I consider still to be equally deserving in attention is thanks to all those who worked on Radio Active and get it on the air. A thankless task, they did provide useful information to the "new kids" on campus, and for that matter, the "not-so-new' along with a refreshing change in music. Many thanks to you all.

— I'm an Aquarius otherwise!

Drawing of a monkey talking

(About the covered way, I'm bringing my tools up on the weekend. You wouldn't like a landscaped enclosure as well? -Ed)