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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Association. Volume 40, Number 3. March 14, 1977.

[Poem One]

valley of plenty is what it is called;
where little children display their nakedness
and stumble around on listless limbs
eyes haunted and bellies bloated with their hunger;
where mothers plough their dead fruit into the soil
their crone breasts dry of milk
faces and figures gaunt with labour;
where menfolk castrated by degradation
seek their manhood in a jug
of wine brackish as their bile;
where depravity has become a familiar thing
man adopts the habits of a hound
befouling himself and his kind;
where white people pious in their protest
deny knowledge of the misery that exists
the adversity following in its wake;
and my fair land a'dying of the stench
of valleys of plenty

Drawing of a woman and young boy