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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Association. Volume 40, Number 3. March 14, 1977.

[Letter from Peter Gibbs]

Dear Sir,

Re assessment, in particular Crim 201.

Event 1: at first lecture of year, handout given to class, part of which as follows:

"There will be a final examination. The balance between in-term assessment and the final examination will be decided at the lecture on the 3rd March".

Event 2: at lecture on 3rd March, after lengthy discussion involving all members of the class, decision made as follows:
Final exam40%
Mid-year test20%

Lecturer, Michael Stace, says he will have this typed up for distribution at next lecture.

Event 3: at lecture on 8th March, at conclusion of lecture, Stace says he has the details of assessment for the course on a handout. He places these on front desk for people to collect as they leave. Details as follows:

"For 1977Crim 201 will be assessed in following manner:
Mid-year test20%

Questioned on the change, Stace makes it clear that the Director of the Criminology Institute is responsible for the veto of students' wishes. Also makes it clear, he won't pursue the matter further.

Drawing of a man sitting at a desk surrounded by paper

Conclusion: Another assessment rip-off. Whether the class can now do anything with only one lecture left before the dead-line of Friday, March 11th, for finalising assessment procedure remains to be seen.

-Peter Gibbs