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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Assn. Volume 40 Number 2. Feb 7 1977

The Bookshop Replies

The Bookshop Replies

Dear Sir,

In reply to Richard Bohmer's letter (Salient 28/2/77) I would agree that the Physics 205 book list is misleading. However, on our master copy of the lists the distinction between text and reference books is clear. This is the list most often consulted by students and bookshop staff. At this extremely busy time of year, 99½% of students buying books do so by consulting their own hand outs from each department. These supposedly list the exact requirements. If Mr Bohmer or any other Physics 205 students have bought books that are not necessary for the course, we will be please to accept the return of them for Credit.

I strongly deny that any of my staff convey the 'tough bikkies' attitude to customers. Mr Bohmer was advised to consult his lecturer if he was in doubt about which books to purchase. This is the advice we generally give as it is often not clear what is required until lectures begin.

As to the question of a student owned bookshop ripping off its own students. Such a sentiment leaves me almost speechless!

The bookshop is a profit making venture and the profits are destined to benefit the student body as a whole, unlike the Co-operative system in Australia. Prices and terms here are fixed by the Publisher and the mark up is in strict accordance with the New Zealand Booksellers Association Schedule. 10% discount is given wherever possible, although we are not obliged to give it.

I do not wish to pander to Mr Bohmer's obvious paranoia but if he wishes to understand why we need to make a profit in order to provide a professional and efficient service, I will be happy to see him.

Yours faithfully,

Victoria Book Centre Ltd

Sally White,