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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Assn. Volume 40 Number 2. Feb 7 1977

I detect Sarcasm

page 15

I detect Sarcasm


I take this opportunity to announce my candidature for the post of President of the V.U.W.S.A. Standard nomination and seconding procedures will not apply in my case as I held a one-man students association meeting and amended the constitution to permit self-nomination. (There was a unanimous vote to amend the number required for a quorum to one, which the existing V.U.W.S.A. Stalwarts will be no doubt pleased to hear, as the existing quorum requirement has proved a problem in the past.

As my major support in my campaign will come from the silently studing majority who never attend student association meetings or have so much free time to burn that they get involved in student politics, I shall conduct a low-key campaign accordingly. I do not intend to hold meetings, apart from general study sessions in Rankine Brown in which individual participation in self-improvement will be encouraged, and instead I urge my supporters to boycott the existing Student Assn. meetings, as an indication of solidarity behind me. I was pleased to notice this boycott was in existence even before I announced my Candidature — in the last two years Matthew E. Connor has drawn greater crowds than any V.U.W.S.A. Student Leaders could ever manage to drum up.

Also, as most of my supporters have never taken time to vote in student elections, I take the opportunity to explain how to vote for me.

1Don't vote. or
2cross out every name on the ballot list or
3write in on the ballot paper "I vote no confidence".

There may already be provision for a no-confidence vote, but extra reinforcement of the notion will do no harm).

Do not expect to witness a strong campaign from me, as I know the non-vocal majority are already solidly behind me, besides I have better things to do. The only reason my campaign has had this beginning is that I haven't been given any essay topics yet. However, I may make time to deliver the occassional report on progress or encouragement to my supporters via Salient (even at peak periods of internal assessment pressure we can all take time out to read on the bog).

Like Wal's Dog, I remain,