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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Assn. Volume 40 Number 2. Feb 7 1977

Varsity Films

Varsity Films


"Levels upon levels upon levels. Like all good films, Alan Pakula's Klute tells several stories at once, not so much in layers which peel away one by one to reveal hidden depths, as in parallel steps leading relentlessly up to the dark at the top of the stairs." — Sight and Sound.

First story: A big businessman has disappeared and the only clue to help John Klute, private eye, is that the man wrote an obscene letter to a call girl. Second story: the call firl tries to mend her ways by taking acting lessons and undergoes Psychoanalysis. Third story: The relationship between Klute and the call girl. It is a film about fear of the darK — the dark world we live in, the dark fancies of the human mind, the dark shadows of love.

Jane Fonda won the best actress of the year, in the academy awards, for her performance in this film. She is truly brilliant. Donald Souther land and director, Alan Pakula equal her performance.

Executive Action

The action deals with the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. The filmmakers are confident that their theory of the real story is more logical and more likely than the official version. Perhaps they are right considering that it was rumoured that the CIA tried to sabotage the production.

This film is the forerunner to the TV series that is beginning on our screens this week which promises to be one of the best series that we are to be subjected to for some time.

The 1973 film stars Burt Lancaster.

Screenshot from Dracula

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones

The New York Times describes this as a poorly made film that is immensly enjoyable. One of the major faults is that the Madison Square Gardens crowd virtually doesn't appear. We want to see the audience reacting to the act, we want to see the clothes they were wearing etc.

But Jagger especially was as exhilerating as ever. I can't remember too well what all the songs were, but I know that many of their really great ones are included: like Jumping Jack Flash, Brown Sugar etc.

Good value as a documentary and incredibly enjoyable as entertainment.