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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University Students Assn. Volume 40 Number 2. Feb 7 1977

Ten Die, a Hundred Thousand Born! — (A Thai Revolutionary Song)

Ten Die, a Hundred Thousand Born!

(A Thai Revolutionary Song)

Brothers, sisters, friends look at the facts
Aristocrats, look at the facts
Look how many people die,
How many people starve.
Look at the exploiters who sing joyous songs.
Look at the people who are angry everywhere
Look at the dead and the flowing blood.
We are suppressed. We die.....die.....die......

Justice will light up the dark night.
Justice we will bear in mind.
Ten die, a hundred thousand born
The people's sickle is shining bright
The wheel of justice will crush the exploiters
Students, people and the oppressed masses
Will resolutely stand up and fight.
Our day of victory will come.

Unite! my friends and fight
Unite! my friends and smash the enemy
Build up a solid and single spirit
We Thais are not slaves
The exploiters will he punished
In our society there is a new man
We Thais are not slaves
We are employed, are fed
There is no place for masters and lords
We are rational, everyone is equal
We work, enjoying no sorrow
Com'on, Com'on, Com'on....
integrate with the great masses.

(During the height of the unsolved political assassinations which claimed the lives of at least 46 prominant leftist figures early in 1976, the Caravan, a pioneer band of Thailand's protest and revolutionary music, wrote this song in response to such events.

"Ten die, a hundred thousand born" has become one of the most militant slogans of the Thai student movement. Neither fearing death nor sacrifice the Thai student movement has surged ahead with even more mighty spirit to achieve what their friends have died for — the national independence and peoples democracy.)