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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976

Depends on Public Support

Depends on Public Support

Douglas then said that the outcome of any industrial dispute ultimately deperided on the measure of public support. He cited the case of the Truxtun's visit and said that it lacked a great deal of public support. However, this was hotly refuted by Thompson who, though agreeing with regard to the importance of general support, strongly disagreed that the protest action over the Truxtun's visit did not in fact have this support.

Discussion then centred on whether any action should be taken now. Douglas alluded to the preceptence of the wage struggle over the legislative battle. He also said that nothing could be done to stop this proposed legislation going on the books and that it was important to focus the primary attack on the legislation once it had been passed.

This was strongly refuted by a member of the audience who pointed to the defeatist aspect of his argument, and urged that it was important to take up the struggle now. Various speakers stressed the need to attack this legislation now; to form a solid base for a future struggle if the laws were implemented. It was important to unite and educate all elements of society especially those most affected i.e. rank and file unionists.

The repressive legislation should be attacked from all angles — broadbased educative and publicity campaigns were a vital necessity. It was stressed that the time element was very importent; as history had illustrated, once the legislation was on the hooks there might be little trade unions and interested groups could do to remove it.