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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976

The Modern Colonialist

The Modern Colonialist

This Pacific Missile Range has had devastating effects on the culture and physical environement of Micronesian Peoples. The Kwajalein people had to be relocated to Ebeye Island where they still live in slum-like conditions. In fact the takeover of Micronesia recently proceeded a step further when the Mariannas people were persuaded to become a colony of the U.S.A. This is Americas first territorial acquisition since 1917. Needless to say, included in the Mariannas is Tinian Island, a prospective B1 base.

So, as the US retreats from more sensitive areas such Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, it is imposing itself as a colonial overlord on Pacific populations which it presumes are too small and backward to resist, [unclear: and] which can be easily bought off anyway.

The [unclear: ruggle] to establish a Nuclear Free Zone is one [unclear: important] way of resisting such moves by the U.S.A. or by any of the other nuclear powers in our region.