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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976

Cigarettes, Digits and Rectums

Cigarettes, Digits and Rectums

Dear Anti-Anti Smoker Lobby,

You not only had the audacity to have your petty, thoughtless views expressed in this hallowed paper, but you also signed 'A lady'. Well your nicatine addiction [unclear: was] not only affected your lungs but you're head too coz honey ou ain't no lady. Your comments exemplified the self-centred "couldn't give a fuck about the other dude" altitude of the insignificant little turds who are finally coming out of the woodwork over the Smoking Ban.

Is it too much to ask you not to smoke in the downstairs cafe and the TV Room or are yon the type of 'lady' who gets off on 'grooving' in the cafe all day and is so goddam boring that a cigarette is the only cover up you can think of.

Three areas in the whole of the University is not much to ask, as not only will it show that you have some concern for other people but it might also improve your health and save your money as well. Anyway the upstairs cafe is much nicer and there are 'spunkier' guys up there too, so you can puff to your hearts content.

You may also feel drawn next door on a Wednesday, by the magnetic personality of Gyles, and sit in on an SRC meeting (you can puff there too). There perhaps you may in between your 'arse' and 'butts' make some constructive criticism instead of wasting Salient space with your self-centred drivel.

Yours Accoff. 77

p.s. We don't need to pass a law to stop you from biting your nails. Put your digit up your rectum thrice daily and your habit will be cured.

Man in a gas mask reading a book