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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976

National Government Reacts to Situations

National Government Reacts to Situations

In its formulation of foreign policy, the National government tends to be a reactor rather than a co determiner of its policies with regard to Sea.

It is difficult to think that the National government has reached the stage where it has been able to put aside the battles of 1948 or the exploits of its Artillery Battery in Vietnam. This government will always feel that it has some blood ties with Malaysia because it spilled some blood there during the emergency. (There were 21 New Zealanders injured during the emergency in Malaysia).

Because New Zealand has a cultural and linguistic ignorance of what happens in Singapore and Malaysia, the government's of the day in these countries can structure New Zealand's perceptions towards the region.

They can do this so well that the Malaysian government can tell Wellington that there is a whole bunch of trendy leftish Malaysian students in New Zealand, that they are giving moral support to their counterparts in K.L and Singapore universities, thereby affecting the internal security of these countries. They also add that if this international alliance of trendy left-wing students is allowed to continue it might one day come home and create a riot which would make May 13th, 1969 look like a children's picnic.