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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976


page 12


Sports Council Sgm

Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting of VUM Sports Council Incorporated to be held on Thursday October 14th 1976 at 7.00pm in the UUB Boardroom to discuss certain amendments to the constitution of Sports Council Inc.

The Proposed Amendments are:

Rule 5 (c) be altered to read:-

The Executive shall be elected by the club members in an Annual Election to be held during the first three weeks of the third University term. This election is to be held at a General Meeting of the club called for that purpose. The Executive shall hold office from the 1st January to 31st December in the year following the election.

Rule 5 (d) be altered to read:-

The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) members shall be elected by majority of members of the club present and voting at the general meeting by secret ballot.

Rule 7 (a) The title President be deleted and replaced by Chairman.

Rule 7 (b) be deleted

Rule 8 (a) be altered to read:-

The Club's financial year shall commence on the first day of January and end on the 31st day of December of that year.

Rule 8 (a) be altered to read:-

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held within thirty (30) days of the beginning of the first University term. Seven (7) clear days notice of the meeting shall be given. The notices may be given by post, by notice on a notice, board at the Club's registered office or by a combination of these methods.

The regular business of the Annual General Meeting shall be the printed Annual Report for the preceding year and the duly audited financial statement for the preceding year.

Man sowing a field with crops

Rugby League

A Look to the Future

Where do we go from here? This is the obvious question when one takes a look at the Victoria University League Team. With an ever changing population at the University, the composition of any sport teams creates problems. To actually play in any sport team, a person has to be interested and it is the lack of interest in the game that creates the problem of fielding a league team.

However, over the past three years the Victoria Univeristy Rugby League Team has managed to overcome this problem. With a "hard core" of members who first played in 1973 the club has built up a tremendously successful record. In all of the three years that the club has existed, the team has only lost two of the twenty three games that it has played. These were to:
a.St. George Premiers (26-24) and
b.Auckland Univeristy (at the 1976 tournament 15-9).
It is the first time in three years that Auckland University have beaten Victoria, and they, as a team, play regular club league. An indication of the strength of the 1976 team can perhaps be gauged by the fact that eight of our players made the New Zealand Universities team;
  • namely
  • Waltor Walker
  • Alistair Mc Beth
  • Sakiusa Rabuka
  • Tu Wyllie
  • Taiki Apu
  • Bruce Horsfall
  • Mike Smith
  • Kelly Walker

Also, another of our players, Doug Sleeman, made the North Island Universities but withdrew through injury.

The situation seems good for next year, because the tournament is in Auckland. Most of this year's team is returning next which puts Victoria in good stead in so far as 'experience' goes. So to you interested people who want to enjoy yourselves in the realms of sport and social activities come along and join Rugby League. The team is managed purely on a social basis and is not involved in the local competition. The Vic team usually plays on Sundays against other Universities or against other minor league associations. The major objective of the club is to win at tournament. A notice about Rugby League will appear in the 1977 Student Handbook where contact names and addresses will be given.

There are several people to whom the Vic Team owes many thanks. Firstly, to the boys. He needs no mention and his names is Bud Lisle, the coach. Bud and Ted Campbell (the assistant coach) have put a lot of time and effort into coaching the team. But it is with sad regret that the Vic Team say goodbye to this stalewart of Rugby League. Bud has now moved to Auckland.

Secondly, special thanks must go to Ted Campbell and his wife Rosemary, Taiki Apu, Walton Walker, Tu Wyllie, Whai Dewes and "radio Victoria" disc jockey, Amo, for their tremendous help in the preparation of food and entertainment. And one must not forget the captain, Mike Smith or the President, Martin England.

Finally, the Vic Club is holding a windup social on Friday 8th at the Rugby Club Rooms. A few presentations are to be made, so with your support it could be a good chance to blow your minds before finals.

- Kelly Walker

NEWSHEET MONDAY 4 OCTOBER 12pm Come along to Mass to finish off the year. Kelburn Pde No.50 TUESDAY 5 OCTOBER 12-2pm Two Views of South Africa. Henry Isaacs banned S.A. student debates "the other" view. Union Hall. 2.15pm 'Savage Messiah' Come and see the early Ken Russell (before he went totally off his nut). A tale of the ideological struggle of a bourgeois sculptor. 5-7pm Scottish Country Dancing. There will be Scottish Dancing for at least two or three more weeks. Come along and take a break from exams. UNION HALL. WEDNESDAY 6 OCTOBER 1pm Mass will be celebrated. K718 1.15pm Christian Science Organisation Meeting. All visitors welcome. Committee Room 1. THURSDAY 7 OCTOBER 12-2pm Forum on Industrial Relations. Thomson backed out last time but its hoped to get him this time, or at least one Government member. A prominent trade unionist will also be there. Union Hall. 2.15pm 'Midnight Cowboy'. The tale of a city boy in New York. Won several Oscars and a Colin. Memorial Theatre. 5pm Sociology Piss Up. Come and break a bottle over your favourite lecturers head. Indulge in a Whitbread and Weber. Bring your own booze. Here's a chance to divulge your latest theory. Smoking Room. 5.05pm Last mass and Tea. Come along. Ramsey House Lounge. 6pm Victoria University Nurses' Society. AGM. Stomp out the rumour that nurses on campus are apathetic. Come and help plan future activities. Theatre Foyer. 7.30pm WMSSA - short meeting to discuss next year's activities. Union Hall. Everyone Welcome. FRIDAY 8 OCTOBER 2pm The most horrible debauched pub crawl ever. Tell your friend Landlady and grandmother. Bring the family. I don't want to catch anybody not drinkin. Come and reinforce traditional myths about New Zealanders. Seven Seas Bar for a start. 8pm Scottish Country Dancing. End of year social. Come along and bring your friends. Everybody 50c and please bring a plate. A variety of different dances. Union Hall. MONDAY 11 OCTOBER 7pm The Squash Club will hold its final club night on Monday. An informal teams competition will be held and refreshments will be available. John Reid's Squash Centre.