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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 25. October 4, 1976

I Love even you, Evangelists, Singed God

I Love even you, Evangelists, Singed God

The walk through the
life-rioting spring
with narrow blinkers
the walk is just a step
to afternoon tea
afternoon tea is merely
a time passer till tea
nothing is enjoyed
for its own sake
but only as the means
to ends that are also means....
they bargain their stunted
lives (lived according to the golden rules)
for life eternal
heaven on earch
is not for them
life is hell
a series of temptations
resisted until
the senses fail no more
their winds
have their wings clipped
they peck at crumbs
and never see the sky
never ask why oh why
never realise God is
dead for them
because God is life
and they have doused
that spark within
with blinding ignorance
so conditioned that
their choice between
right and wrong
their free will - god-given
is destroyed
only one side is seen
that which has always been
and always will be
because of them.

- Rosalie Webster

drawing of a woman sitting next to flowers