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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

A Review of '76

A Review of '76

Dear Sir,

As my first year at Vic comes to an end and exams approach it is interesting to speculate on the worth of spending a year in this red brick asylum. But who has the time?

There are many forgettable events (or do I mean rememberable). Robert Muldoon was always to be found splurged across the weekly letters column and while this is preferable to having him in the vicinity of the PMs seat, the fact that we have both testifies no doubt, to his absolute popularity. Poor Robert David was the recipiant of much abuse - it did little for his ego, but gave a lot of pleasure to thousands of varsity students throughout New Zealand and was a source of inspiration to numberous 'trendy lefites' of my aquaintence who suspected it all a fascist plot, on sound logic, which at the moment escapes me. His very presence incited many to riot - nobody is sale any more the man should be arrested and sent back to the Ireland he came from.

Should we have become weary of this royal self, there was always the Governor (Rubber Sump) General Yet by some trick of fate he largely escaped mention on campus, wait until 'they' get hold of his successor.

Highlight of the year must have been the lousy cafe food - the beer they served was like vinegar and the tomato sauce must be Watties. (Tomatoes, like the voting public have little choice and always end up in the can).

The STB which National (still the govt?) said, was too standard, was, we discovered, not standard enough. And a good March might have been slotted in somewhere but principles most have been of dubious quality this year, since many ceased to have them, if the rain fell or wind blew.

A pleasant concrete jungle atmosphere was maintained, if not encouraged, as the Cotton and Von 'whose his father' Blacks rose rapidly into the sun set. By 1979 its estimated mat on an clear day the sun will rise in the Rankine Brown court yard at 10am and set about 2.30pm

The August vacation (euphemism) was an interesting phenomenon - many returned in such a bad mental condition that the quantity (and quality) of darts per lecture has decreased to below subsistence level. Campus life never ceased to be interesting however, especially if you minimised wasted time by not attending lectures.

Its a time consuming hobby, but sitting a half dozen three hour exams, another popular past time I understand, will make a fitting end to the year. People, by their very nature, enjoy endurance tests, especially (if not only) when paper and question sheets are provided to (permitted) entrants, so that they can use the time constructively.

One thing disturbs me - these know all cynics and their sarcasms who critise and do nothing to many of them and not enough hard working, right-thinking, decent liberal Americans. (Like the sort who died in the war(s) for people like me).

Signed, yours 'til you get the bad Anoni Mus Redherring (Home Grown)