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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

Katy Comer Bares Her Soul

Katy Comer Bares Her Soul

Dear John,

I've been told to elaborate upon my motives for composing the style of reviews that have been printed to Fax and which seem to upset certain people (wish I knew who you were, would like to have friendly discussion). Ok:
A)Each 'review', excluding Sarstedt, has been regarding a hand/person towards whom I am particularly biased or to whom I owe a large debt, as they have moved my life so far in what I consider to be a good direction. My special love of music lies, in America, in particular. West Coast bands that point is no doubt obvious. This is the reason for my 'writing' as if everyone knows who Jerry Garcia is. Are my 'reviews' different from others; if so, why are you griping - I, personally, have finally had enough of review pages that make me laugh with bitterness and frustration. So from introvert to extrovert.
B)Never have I taken an English course at varsity, and never succssfully at high school, so I may be considered illiterate, if you like. Music is my life, whether you like it or not - I am not being aggressive here. Therefore, it is my fault entirely that my 'reviews' lack specificity. Again, I bargain hard for the LPs I want (though never yet have I received a complementary copy, except P. [unclear: Sarstedt]). Will attempt to be more specific in future, probably annoyingly so, if possible for me, or else become an addict of Abba (impossible).
C)I can't help using the word Feel, because 'my' music - the music which makes me feel content and natural - is inherently related to my US bias. Sorry, Britishers.
D)From now on, since some people seem to be so tense, not fully understanding my motives and thoughts, I will attempt to write normal, dull, specific 'reviews', including as many swearwords and references to Marx as possible. Will that make you happier? Have I cleared up any of your problems?



p.s. I go to the Royal Tiger solely to listen to the music.

p.p.s. Ben, think you'd better print this soon before I get lynched.

If you're referring to Ben Smith, the Rock Reviews Editor, he was last seen wandering around the Union Building muttering "Why does she persecute me?"- Ed.