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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

Msa In the News Again

Msa In the News Again

Dear Editor,

I wish to take this opportunity to reply to two letters that appeared in two previous issues of Salient in which my name was mentioned and, of course condemned. First, I must express my extreme disgust at this small bunch of gutless Malaysians who criticise their fellow students behind tasteless and obscene pseudonyms. I hope the editors of Salient will be more discerning in future not to publish such obscenity that offends public decency.

To this small bunch of self-righteous Malaysians whom I am convinced, has nothing constructive to do but to indulge in cheap tricks of character assassination and name calling, merely to satisfy their perverted instincts; I think, you are merely exposing your own cowardice and stupidity that not only make yourselves a fool but harming the image of innocent Malaysians.

The decision whether or not to stand for the presidency of MSA is entirely my own personal decision dependent on my commitment and individual circumstances. I need no exhortation from idiots like you. In any case, I do not think I would have much satafaciton in leading a bunch of idiots like you who will be engaging in disparaging activities no matter what has been done. So, for God's sake, spare this column for more constructive criticism and objective facts.

Loo Kim Hoe.