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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.


page 6


"The King is dead, long live the King! which is to say the Salient editor for 1977 is David Murray. But in the true spirit of democracy for which Vic is well renowned, we elect our Kings.

This occured in a Publication's Board meeting last Wednesday when the three candidates for editor were interviewed and David eventually chosen (the members of Publications Board are all elected by SRC at the beginning of each year so in theory the decision was a democratic representation of student opinion).

The candidates were David of the Salient Socialist Party (a right-wing fabirication describing the alleged 'salient clique'), Alan White, a Polytech journalism student, and Martin Doyle the famed poet and bohemian.

Each had a different approach to offer and the issues discussed were important for anyone disatisfied or simply concerned about Salient.

Should an editor attempt to be objective and simply 'reflect' student opinion or should he be allowed to push his/her own political line?

Alan White said he would try the former if he became editor and would publish anything students submitted. However the Publications Board was unsatisfied with this because it showed little understanding of the running of a student newspaper (articles don't just appear - they have to be vigorously ferreted out) and also because they were worried at the effect this would have in practice. To be 'objective' means to exert no controlling influence over the paper and would result in a directionless student version of 'The Dom'.

David on the contrary admitted his political bias and saw Salient next year having a definite progressive direction. This view also worried some of the questioners for they were apprehensive about David excluding articles whose political content he didn't agree with. However he proceeded to make abundantly clear that he believed in free debate and thus would publish anything he disagreed with (well anything intelligible anyway).

He saw Salient as both reflecting the concerns of students and providing a progressive lead on important national and international issues - particularly the fight against creeping fascism.

Martin Doyle, valiant in defeat, completed the line-up. He too admitted his political bias but vowed he would attempt to provide plenty of variety for Salient.

Experience in the end won the day (as it always does - Ed), and as all those dedicated followers of Salient will know David has worked for Salient all this year and therefore must have a few clues.....or so the theory goes.

So if you walk past the Union Building late any night, don.t worry about the strange noises- its just David strutting round Salient office practising bitter jibes and subtle witicisms in preparation for the edification of next year's students.

— Gerard Couper

Drawing of people hiding behind a chair

Tv News : who should Control it ?

Hear Brian Edwards, Simon Walker and John Barningham

Wednesday 29 September 12 noon in the Union Hall