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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Editorial — Standing up to Muldoon's Attacks

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Standing up to Muldoon's Attacks

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Last Wednesday's Student Representative Council decision to support the Watersiders in their stand against the nuclear warship Truxton was a significant step forward for the Students' Assn.

Students have a less than perfect past to look back on. In the strikes earlier this century it was students who rode the horses to club the workers down, and in 1951 they helped to beat the Waterside strike by acting as scab labour.

It seems that some of the smears used by people like Muldoon against the unions are wearing a little thin. Even the usual claims about how the unions are ruining the country are failing to stir up the student conscience.

A typical example was the figures given last week for the loss of production at the Pulp and Paper Mill at Kinleith ($50,000) and the loss of wages ($20,000) during the continuing industrial action. Whereas most people would mutter how terrible it was, several discerning students asked where the $30,000 difference between production and wages went to - obviously someone is getting a large slice of the cake!

At August Council the seven New Zealand university students' associations decided to give top priority to a campaign against the attack on civil liberties, especially as manifested in the proposed Industrial Relations Amendment Bill.

With this particular bill due to be introduced this week, we must be prepared to act in support of the particular group being attacked the unions. When they call for an active sign of this support, we must respond without hesitation, for the next target may be us.

John Ryall