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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

I'm Satisfied with Sosc

I'm Satisfied with Sosc

Dear Sir,

Thank you for printing my last letter. In past issues of Salient, many derogatory statements have arisen. I am a 1st year Student in Sociology 101, and I am somewhat perturbed by the one-sided argument which is usually presented.

Many students on Sociology 101 are, on the whole, quite satisfied with the course, content and structure. No course is perfect and it is surely unreasonable to expect it to be?

Many of the troubles plagueing the Sociology department, come from a small minority of very unintelligent shit stirrers. These cretins voice their personal grievences at tutorial representative meetings, in a deliberate attempt to cause more trouble.

This may sound like a cliche, but I propose that I, and many students like me, came to Vic to gain a higher education, not to be hindered by arrogant little queers, who rejoice in farting around, making trouble.

Yours etc,

not so apathetically. Vice President, Assistant-Sec Tres., Thorndon Apathy League N.H. Toad

p.s. I still think John Ryall is cute.