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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

SRC Reporter Debunked

SRC Reporter Debunked

Dear John,

As the seconder of the motion passed at the last SRC to send a telegram of support to the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa congratulating them on their boycott, I'd like to complain about the non-journalist you employ as an SRC reporter. The mover and seconder spoke briefly - true so far. Then he goes on to say that others tried to speak but were shouted down (or words to that effect).

The truth behind this story is that after the mover and seconder had spoken to the motion, certain people tried to urge a certain student in the balcony (who I believe to have connections with both the National Party and Fart) to decry the Hart people that had spoken. This he did in a tongue in cheek manner just to show that he wasn't going to let such a motion pass without giving it a hard time. What he said was waffley bullshit which bore no relation to the motion.

He was shouted down - merely heckled with pertenent remarks which he was plainly unable to answer. Gyles Beckford was not "pissed off" but did call for order.

This article is a thinly disguised smear on a group of people that he obviously can't tolerate although he gives no evidence for such prejudice. His writing gives an air of liberalism and pomposity unequaled in Salient this year. Gary Henderson has little to contribute to Salient if he keeps up this standard of writing.

David Murray.

p.s. Note to Syd Byrd - Japanese guitarist Charles Tumahi actually comes from Te Kuiti.