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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Alex Veysey or Salient

Alex Veysey or Salient

Dear Sir,

Over the past few weeks I have noted an abysmal lack of comment in 'Salient', on the All Black games in South Africa. An article by Alex Veysey on the failure in the 1st test or a comment on the Eastern Transvaal game would be appreciated by many students.

However I feel Isaacs, Freeman, Ordia, and all their merry little band have got you by the balls, and you are too weak to do a fucking thing about it.

All I want is a bit of balanced journalism in Salient, as I've had a gutsful of aspiring trendies trying to outdo each other in seeing who can be the most bigoted each week. "Bigoted", you might say, "that's them not us". But, my friends you are wrong. You and your ilk are as bigoted one way as Vorster is the other way, if not more so.

So instead of praising the Supreme Council of Sport for picking on New Zealand out of 25 countries that sent sports teams to South Africa in the last year. Wake Up. Present a balanced view, and explain why New Zealand should be picked out and jumped on, with the support of backstabbing bastards like Newman and Freeman, who turn on their own country.



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