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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Further Criticism of Malaysian Students

Further Criticism of Malaysian Students

Dear Mr Editor,

This is it - I've had enough - I'm fed up - right up to here, I've just read the latest letters in Salient concerning the Malaysian. High Commission and its associated debate.

Worried Kiwi and Worried Students - you're all wee rippers. Malaysian students are here not because it is their right, but because it is their privelige - we New Zealanders have allowed them to further their education at our expense - and what thanks do we get for this? Not a thing, not a sausage, bugger all!! What, I repeat what do the Malaysian contribute to this Uni? I have noticed a lack of Malaysians in, for example, VUWSA etc etc. They are more than prepared to reap the benefits of such association, but are not prepared to do the dirty work - all take, but no give (It's not a bloody clichc either - so don't say it is - typesetter or similar wanker).

If the Malaysians weren't here, who would give a stuff? Not I for one. Perhaps some of my tutorials would be smaller (good thing too), there would be less hold-ups in the queue due to language difficulties and ignorance (of NZ ways). And, finally, there wouldn't be screeds of good letter writing space taken up by shitty letters about Malaysian moans and groans (no letters such as this one).

Some say I am a bigot and a racist - others tell the truth. Malaysians - an order from a ture born and bred Kiwi - pipe down or piss off.

Jordan K. Mangrove - Muncher.

p.s. worried students - I live in Khandallah and I am fully sympathetic.