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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

E006 : March 1 to April 30

E006 : March 1 to April 30

Wheels spinning, cogs turning,
Beard twitching and fault creeping;
Splinter and drags, grabens and flags
Were flying high up on the fourth floor
Above the basement was weathering and fossils
Not to forget the loess from the north west.
The corridor so open, but vague,
Where did it start, I ask, anyway?
The buses were boring, three hours in all
Who's calling - no darts or I'll stop
You thick headed lot from passing.

I'Ll show you the city......city.....city",
Oh what a pity
His voice was so dead,
But squeaking and smiling, he never cared.
Lambton and Te Aro rubbed noses together,
But the terrace and suburbs depended on whether
The classes would move away from the centre.
And they did.
They climbed and spread, or reclamation instead,
Took place, as land was sparse.
The feature, he told us, was the petty bourgeosie,
The oligopolistic capitalism, the high rise and all that you could see.
He was impressive, there's no doubting his ability,
And to replace him with the Mister
Was not in the right tree
For even though the Mister knew his stuff
It was out of the book and notes were rough.
His speed caused our hands to go beeming red,
A reminder of the 100 yards in ten seconds dead.
Eyles was most impressive,
The best one I'd say;
Yet we never saw much of him
And we won't from May
Tuts were slow and dreary at times,
And everything said was usually out of line.

Yet each of the chaps had a pet love:
Wheels had his slides and his faultlines to hug;
And Frank and the city and the petty bourgeoise, so snug;
Rich and the Prof, and how proud he was, was he;
And Eyles and the catchment, did always believe,
that if there's a flood disaster, thirst would we.

Enjoyable to learn, but from now on
The work will be tough, as the books we will turn
To will essentially be closed,
And Watters and co. most obstrusively imposed.

— Kevin Marshall