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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

[Letter from 'Dejected Sucker']

Dear Editor,

With the advent of ultra modern technology, specialisation has been on the increase, in this already highly specialised world we've been destined to live in today, so that we, Homo Sapiens or Homo Potens may be broadly classfied into 2 distinct groups, - a) the fuckers and b) the suckers.

Pols 112 is a course designed (very successfully to, if I may add) to meet the demands of both categories; with the course organisers as erudite f........and the students as unitiated downtrodden suckers.

Allow me to amplify on this seemingly "frigid" or mre correctly extortionate point of view.

Following the commencement of the course in early July, we were informed of the organisers benevolent decision, to eliminate the conventional term assignments of 2 essays. But alas, there is a "But" in everything, as you'll soon see the consequences of the course organisers' benevolence:-
a)In the course of a month, we have been "dished out" the lives of no less than 8 political theorists, philosophers, what-have-you, from Plato to Marx. To regurgitate "intellectual stimulation" we have had to sit for a weekly-once-in-class written test, on one of these great bastards, (needless to say the knowledge being based "on the already compressed-superficially-lectured-notes")
b)We have, in addition been "requested" (mandatory) to prepare 4 '500' line mini-essays for the forth-coming tutorials.
c)To crown it all, we have been presently informed of the requirement of an essay to be submitted in the midst of spring (I think!).

For 6 credits in Pols 112, a man has to Work hard, in fact, he had better under the present bureaucratic pathologies; but surely it's not intended he should die!!!

I cannot but feel that I may have exceeded the limits of courteous protest on this occasion by joining 3 complaints in one letter, but it seems more straightforward to state my whole case at once.

Sincerely yours,

'Dejected Sucker'

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