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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

People vs Pollution

People vs Pollution

For about 20 years, the Japanese people, beginning with Minamata have fought against polutants. Their initial effort were met with obstacles from the companies and the government. However, through the years, they learnt to organise themselves. They demonstrated, talked at street corners, raised funds, and brought their case to court. They were finally awarded compensation. In the case of Minamata. Chisso Company (the guilty firm) is still paying out compensations. To the victims, maimed and mentally impaired for life, the compensations are scant consolation but their struggle and victory in court serve as an encouragement to other pollution victims and have succeeded in exposing the callousness and profit-mindedness of the men who own the big industries and the Japanese Government.