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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Working class women doubly oppressed

Working class women doubly oppressed

For example, feminist-socialists concentrate their attack on the family as the principal institution perpetuating the oppression of women. Kay Goodger asserts that "with its thrust against the family institution, the women's movement is profoundly revolutionary." But abolition of the family is not a working class demand, for there is no mass alternative to the nuclear family in capitalist society or even in the first stages of socialist construction. Without the family unit, working women with children would have to abandon even the minimal protection it affords. Rather than attacking the family, organisations such as the Vietnam Women's Union stress the importance of encouraging women to continue the movement for building the family so that it safeguards the rights of women and children.

Thus a women's movement led by the interests of working class women in the course of the struggle for socialism, aims to win jobs for women, emphasizes the daycare struggle and raises the fight for equality within the family, for husbands to share equally in the responsibilities of the home.

Feminists/socialists claim they are building a women's movement amongst the masses. Yet at a time when the rising trend in the women's movement is developing among the working women, particularly in the daycare battles being led by third world working women, feminists focus their attention on women students.