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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

The Pill

The Pill

This has been in use for about 15 years and long-term side effects are now coming to light. There are four types:-
1.Combined - This is the most effective and contains oestrogen and progesterone.
2.Sequential - This is a high oestrogen pill. There is oestrogen only at the beginning, followed by combination pills and then dummy pills. These are good for women suffering from progesterone side effects.
3.Continuous - This is a progesterone only pill. It is not so effective and is still experimental. (Mini pill).
4.Tailor-made - These are made to individual prescriptions. The last two are not in general use in N.Z. Sequential, mini and tailor-made pills cannot be missed.

It functions by : 1. Inhibiting ovulation, and 2. Altering cervical mucus which inhibits sperm movement, 3. Somehow preventing ovum, if present, from being transported down the fallopian tubes. 4. Affecting the endometrium thus preventing implantation.

Disadvantages and Side-effects include:

Thrombosis, hypertension, weight-gain, depression, tiredness, loss of interest in sex. Spotting, missing periods, nausea, sickness and stomach ache may indicate the need for a different type of pill.


It is reliable and convenient with small periods less premenstrual symptoms, less pain, improved muscle tone, delayed menopause, generally reversible, improved periods with less pain even after stopping.

Before getting a prescription the doctor should be given a medical history and he/she should do an internal examination, breast examination, pap smear, blood pressure and test and weight test.