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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

China Trippers Report Back

Five of the Victoria delegates to this year's NZUSA China trip held an informal forum last Thursday to report on their experiences and impressions of Chinese society. The delegates answered questions from the floor for two hours.

Those attending the forum seemed keen to understand the nature of the present Chinese system, and the way in which it was developing to achieve its socialist goals.

Discussion ranged over most areas of life in China. The delegates seemed particularly impressed by the contrast between the competitivness and social inequality of Hong-Kong, and the order and cooperation apparent in China.

China's emphasis on independence and self-sufficiency has led it to build replica underground cities, in preparation for what they consider is a inevitable war with Russia.

The delegates were questioned as to how representative their 3 week guided tour of China really was. There is of course no way of knowing the answer to this. But the trippers pointed out that their movements in China were virtually unrestricted at any time, they could leave the group, and venture off to explore the area for themselves. At no time did the Chinese seem to have anything to hide - though, of course, the itinary was pre-determined.

The China delegates did not always answer with unanimity - all had different expectations, and related to Chinese society in different ways. Some tended to explain away the existing tension within China as part of the "continuing class struggle", while others were more skeptical.

It must be difficult to describe one's impressions of a society foreign to ours it is even harder for me to amalgamate five descriptions of these impressions. But one of the most consistant impressions conveyed by the delegates was of the tremendous enthusiasm and energy of the Chinese people. As one delegate commented:

"If anyone will survive, the Chinese will."

— Barbara McElwee

Vuw Music Society Concert Preview. Wed, Sept 8 l.10pm in the Music Room (H332).

On Wednesday the Music Society is presenting a programme of music by students in the music department. The works of three young composers, all honours students at Vic will be performed by other music students. This concert should be of particular interst as the music department is in the the enviable position of having 4 of its 6 full-time staff at the forefront of composition in N.Z. today (Douglas Lilburn, David Farquhar, Jenny McLeod and Ross Harris). This means that the standard of teaching is high and the opportunities for young composers to develop their talents are boundless - for example, one of Victoria's composition students, John Elmsly, is currently studying composition on a scholarship in Brussels.

Wednesday's concert, then, will include music by Tara Werner, Paul Emsley, and Graeme Moir.

Tara has a BA/B.Mus-(composition major) and is currently studying for B.A. Hons in anthropology, as well as doing some teaching of non-western music in the music department. There will be four of her pieces in the concert: Prelude for Violin Clarinet and Cello, variations on a theme by Roderigo (for cello and flute), and short pieces for solo cello, postcript for solo clarinet. All of these pieces have been composed over an interval of two years.

Paul Emsley is currently studying for his B.Mus Hons in composition. Earlier this year the Music Society included another of his works, Pionorama (for 2 pianos and taperecorder) in an evening concert. In Wednesday's concert we will hear "Bits for flute" and "Duct for 3" (voice, flute and guitar).

Graeme Mois has already gained a reputation in Wellington for his work with Sum music and his involvement in the Sonic Circuses and Wellington Festivals. He is probably best known for his "Fog Horn Piece" which has been performed twice by ships in port, and is being prepared by the national film unit, combining film footage of the last performance with the music itself. This Wednesday, there will be his pieces for guitar, and a piece for guitar and oboe, as well as a recent electronic piece. These pieces have been written as a part of his composition Hons work for his B. Mus.

Performers in this concern include Kathy Corner, Mike Rose, Katherine Harris, Robyn Stapleton, Pam Gram, Janet Elepens, and Kathy Culliford. It is, as usual; free, and all are welcome to witness Victoria's contribution to the next generation of New Zealand composers.