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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Otago University

Otago University

Otago university is made up of seven specialised faculties. Consequently most students at Otago are completing a qualification for a chosen career and have little interest in other areas of knowledge or activity. This explains the low level of political activity at Otago.

A good percentage of the students come from out of town so most of the energy of student politicians is spent on giving the boys from Gore a good time.

The extend of student participation at Otago University is obvious by a glance at their student council. This is an elaborate network of reps from each course, various committees and the exec, totalling 240 people in all.

This body hasn't met for several years. Several attempts have been made to have a meeting - always thwarted by lack of a quorum! Likewise all attempts to disolve this anachronism or reduce the quorum has failed - again for lack of a quorum!

All this means that the responsibility of spending the association fees and making policy is left to the exec.

The exec is headed by the infamous AI Broad - infamous for his wit, arrogance and good humour. Knowing the campus well, he reflects its parachial attitude (often against his personal stance) while at times asserting his own ideas when he is certain he can get away with it.

Most of the 14 strong executive are concerned solely with social, administrative and welfare activities. The notable exceptions are Bruce Meder, Jane Chesney, and Marianne Quinn.

These three work with a limited amount of student support in the areas of feminism (a reaction to the male stronghold on student life at Otago) and the environment, concentrating recently on Comalco and opposing the entry of nuclear warships into New Zealand harbours.

— Leonie Morris