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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.


Do you smoke? You do? Well bad news, my friend. You've just become an oppressed minority. Like stray dogs who crap on middle class lawns. It happened at the SRC meeting the other day. What do you mean. "never heard of it?". You'll hear of it soon enough if you and your habit ever get within coughing distance of anyone's sensitive nostrile. But that was just an appendix to a meeting that didn't quite live up to my lively expectations.

Some of the delegates from August Council gave brief accounts of what went on in their various commissions, and a couple of other reports contained, for a change, some good news. Anne Dwyer, Cultural Affairs Officer, said that at the Arts Council SGM the Arts Festival in 1977 received unanimous support, and Gyles Beckford reported that the University Council has decided to donate $150 yearly to the Southern Africa Scholarship. Peter Aagaard also resigned from the position of Association Secretary, but in order to retain some meagre grain of objectivity, I won't comment on the goodness or badness of that.

Peter Aagaard (top and John Hanna (below)

Peter Aagaard (top and John Hanna (below)