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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 19, 1976.]

Israeli Supporters On International Club

Israeli Supporters On International Club

Dear Sir,

We do not condone Israel's treatment of its Palestinian Arab population, nor of its methods of gaining territory; but we deplore such narrow minded arguments as in the International Club's latest statement condemning the rescue of Jewish hostages from Palestinian Arab hijackers.

Damn it all, it must be remembered that the Jewish State of Israel has existed for a mere 30 years, after hundred of years' persecution of Jews, that their particular brand of nationalism is a natural reaction to this persecution, a determined effort to preserve their identity at all costs. In this light their action at Entebbe Airport, if not justifiable in terms of violence (were the Palestinians?) is at least understandable far more so than the implicit approval of Uganda (the worst example of a present day Fascist state) that the International Club's statement carries.

The statement also seems to us indicative of an ill-hidden deep-rooted anti-Semitism, one of the oldest forms of racism, which renders void any supposedly objective criticism of Israel.

We suggest that those members of the International Club examine their "non-racist" stance, if indeed opposition to racism is the aim of an International Club.

R. Salas.

I. Hines