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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 19, 1976.]

Kathy Rose Replies to No Bludger

Kathy Rose Replies to No Bludger

Dear John,

It seems necessary to explain myself to "No Bludger". I have just returned from overseas (broke as any traveller will tell you). Not knowing that there were prerequisites for varsity of being a genius or rational, but believing that education was my right, came to Wellington, got a part-time job and enrolled in March "with no help whatsoever form ray family". I did not apply for an MEF grant because I thought that with a part-time job I would be able to maintain myself - as it happened I was wrong.

The whole point of the interview in Salient and the bursaries campaign it that the bursaries scheme and NZs education system is riddled with inconsistencies and injustices.

One being that you do have to work when doing a full time course at varsity, with or without a bursary (if you don't want to struggle and starve). Another is that women are discriminated against while trying to get their finances together for varsity, as No Bludger admits.

There are some very "needy" Maori people who use, or could use the MEF grant, if they survive the oppression and inequality of their primary and secondary schooling. (Only 1.5% of Maori people ever get to varsity).

I disagree with the whole tone of No Bludger's letter. His own story is one of hardship and 'hard luck' - does

Bludger's letter. Her own story is one of hardship and 'hard luck' - does she want everyone to go through the same grind? If she does she is lined up with Muldoon and Gandar.

The demand for a full cost of living bursary for everybody establishes education as a right, not as something to be pursued in off-work hours.

The tragedy of it is that there are better hard luck stories than mine - perhaps even No Bludgers.


Kathy Rose.