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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 19, 1976.]

Arts Festival '77: Do you want it Here?

page 15

Arts Festival '77: Do you want it Here?

The following is an outline of a proposal drawn up by a subcommittee of the New Zealand students Arts Council which suggests that in August of 1977 there be a National Arts Festival held here at Victoria.

"The festival", the report says, "should be a consumer-type festival, with a basic function cultural exchange between student and non-student artists and cultural groups. The festival will also host international artists. The festival should be a large budget commercial proposition adequately financed rather than a shoestring attempt that would be bound to fail."

Why a Festival?

Without a doubt, Arts Council is a touring organism. The programme is organised centrally and from there spreads itself amongst the constituency. While the touring programme is of obvious merit, there is equal merit in the converse operation. Programmes can be devised amongst the constituency and subsequently come together at a central location with equal effect. This latter method is the Arts Festival, which necessarily complements the work of a toruing organisation.

Photo of Flo and Eddie with The Turtles

At present there is no opportunity for campus cultural groups to meet and exchange ideas and experience. The national Arts Festival would provide this opportunity. At an Arts Festival, students can meet and take part in exhibitions, performances, workshops, jam sessions, etc in every conceivable cultural activity found on campuses throughout New Zealand. This can only act as a stimulus for further creativity as well as providing an opportunity for a good time for like-minded people.

The Concept

There [unclear: shoudl] be three main elements or factors in the operation, i.e. to receive, contribute and exchange. Those who "receive" i.e. the passive element will as nonparticipants get a lot from the festival by "attending" functions. Other people will attend and contribute what they can to the success of the Festival. The exchange factor is is the social factor. "Everyone will learn something or teach something, meet new people, stay in a strange place, swap information/partners/dope/skills etc"

The Content

There are five main categories of activities proposed:
(a)Performing Arts i.e. theatre, dance, multi-media, modern language/thnic and poetry
(b)music i.e. rock (electric), folk (acoustic, jazz, classical, ethnic, recorded and experimental
(c)Visiual Arts i.e. paingint, photography sculpture/outdoor/environmental, multimedia/kinetic and crafts
(d)Screen Arts i.e. screenings of commercial entertainment movies, political/art cinema, workshops in video/TV, film-[unclear: making] workshops/amimation and lectures
(e)Fringe i.e. activities such as chess, debating, law moors, war games, politica wine rashing etc
There are a further 3 important areas:


Social events are construed separately from the artistic side of the Festival. Operations in this area would be nightly dances (with booze), a licensed club and a 24 hour bar.



This hopefully would include a campus radio station and daily newspaper as communication vehicles.



The festival would begin with a large outdoor fair which could well include a circus cum showground, with stalls and exhibitions.

The Finance

The Festival would work on a registration system. The proposed budget is in the region of $115,000 of which approximately one third hopefully would be derived from registration fees (suggested: $10 for students, $15 for public). Other sources of income would be door sales, grants/[unclear: sponsoship], product sales, franchises and socials/ booze.

Well....what do you think? The budget is clearly a large one - do you think it needs to be that big to achieve what the outline sets out? or is it Ok? Do you think we should even have an Arts Festival at all?

Have your say-

the above proposal will come up at SRC on Wednesday August 4th, 12-2pm Union Hall.....Be there if you have something to say!

Want to go and see Flo and Eddie and the Turtles?

Well here is a quick quiz. Answer the questions below and send in your entries marked:

"Flo and Eddie Quiz" to the Students Association office by Thursday August 5th: by 12 noon at the latest. Any entries after that date will not be accepted.

The winning prize will go the first correct answer opened. In the event of no person having all answers correct the winning prize will go the entrant with the most correct answers.

The judges decision will be final. Results and answers will be published in next week's Salient.

This contest is open to members of the Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association only.

1st prize:Two tickets to the Flo and Eddie concert at Town Hall, Wed, 11 August at 8.30pm. Plus a Students Arts Council Tee Shirt.
2nd Prize:Album plus Tee Shirt.

5 consolation prizes of Tee shirts and Arts Council towels.