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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 19, 1976.]

Assessment Webs

Assessment Webs

Society, through the University, demands that Students be assessed before they are eligible for that vital(?) qualification.

The purpose of an assessment week is to ask questions of the demands that the University makes.

Are these demands justified? Is assessment in the best interests of the students, or is it merely a tool to perpetuate stratification in society? How are staff being used in this process? Is assessment necessary to make students work? Should the student have any say in the course content and assessment? Should staff be seen as a resource-centre to initiate and share rather than totally control the learning process?

Throughout the University in Sociology, English, Commerce and countless other courses students are beginning to ask these questions, it's not easy challenging courses is painful and embarrassing. The student is often put down by a more experienced lecturer or Professor. So it's often more comfortable to assume an apathetic" I don't care attitude".

It's easy to be cynical, it's even easier to drop out, but what does it achieve? The system rambles on, Sosc 301 is still steeped in mystifying ideology.

It's only through challenging in lectures, in labs and on field trips that we'll find answers. It's only through collective demands that Students will achieve any control over course content and assessment.

This week we must step outside the traditional learning process and examine ourselves and our teaching environment.

The activities outlined below should be seen as just a focus for this challenge. It is important not to let it stop here but to constantly continue this questioning. Assessment or Stratification?

Lindy Cassidy,

VUWSA Education Officer.